Monday, February 9, 2009

Damn stiches

Well, it's safe to say my running days are officially over. Had a tumor removed from my left thigh last Thursday. Wasn't fun... trust me. Guess I'll just have to make do with walking... bleh. It started to grow since the 7th grade, when my friend stabbed my thigh with a fucking pointy-ass gel pen. Fucking asshole. And I finally removed it. At least I got a break from uni. But breaks from uni means I'm away from the Becca too. Me sad... but happy, since she came over yesterday. She bought me a cookie today... from the place where we had our first date. Sweet. I love her so damn much.

In any case, my lappy's going bye-bye. Something's seriously wrong with it, since the explorer.exe file keeps getting removed from the task manager thingy. Guess I'll have to re-install XP. Meh.

Omg!! It's pinching me!! The stitches are pinching meh!! Dx