Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's alive!! D:

I just can't understand why I can't find people who want to cover Tool and/or Deftones. Sad really, since I've been searching for quite a while now. I found one fool (a guy named Moin) who used to cover Tool with his ex band. But sadly, the guy's gone way too far down the road of drugs. His drug of choice right now is heroin. I never understood the concept of shooting up since I have a huge fear of needles lol.

Coming back to the point, I really need to find a guitarist, a drummer and a bass player who would jam to anything and everything. The people in this country suck balls. All they ever listen to are stuff which are currently channelling through the mainstream underground scene. And the cover bands? I think I already have an old post where I already showed my genuine distaste for those guys. Don't even get me started on the ones who only listen to bengali pop or folk music (not that it's a bad thing, but come -the fuck- on! Extend your tastes people!).

I miss Leo and Liyah (no relation lol). Two of my foreign friends on Facebook. The former a Kenyan who currently resides in South Africa, and the latter a Canadian. Both were funny and creative in their own ways. Leo is a born poet. I wouldn't be surprised if he comes out with an album soon. And, if I know him well enough, it's gonna be about peace, and it's definitely going to be inspired by Common lol. I don't know much about Liyah's creativity, except for the fact that she loves to debate against religion. :P I used to read her arguments against Muslims and Christians daily, and those who couldn't argue back probably considered it a smart move to post lecherous replies to her posts. Which usually pissed me off, but her replies to those dicks usually made my day. She could make me laugh any time she wanted to, and she was genuinely concerned about me whenever I was down in the dumps. Miss them both a shitload.

Helped buy her a replacement for her wand today (I say helped since I had to chip in with her. I was broke), since she gave back the one she found. It was a complete misunderstanding, and I hope she sees it that way too. Don't think it'll replace the wand, but it can be used for other purposes... *gulps* lol :P

Tataliboo jaan. Already told you how amazing you looked in those pics, but omgsh... O_O :P
Guess you're asleep by now since you haven't called, so *hugs you to sleep* :)
I'll make you believe in forever again.

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