Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

This day always reminds me of Jason... and Freddy Krueger as well for some reason. Two of my favorite fictional characters of all time. Had a Jason mask when I was a youngin', which I wore for Halloween during my stay in Dallas. One of the houses scared me shitless. The people there were very creative when it came to scary stuff, especially during Halloween. They were a married couple and the husband was a Satanist. Their son (Josh) was in my class (4th grade Rose Mary Hagger... Ms Pruitt was a pain lol). The whole house had this eerie disposition to it, and their collection of books was quite amazing as far as I can remember; a huge library of horror novels and books on the occult (which I didn't understand the meaning of back then). They were nice people though. I usually went over to play basketball in their back yard and for an occasional swim in the pool. And the movies... can't forget the movies. All the horror flicks one could wish for (give or take a few). Though Josh was more into Nickelodeon back then... :/ I guess my taste for horror started in that house. Ever since then, I've been dying to create a movie of my own... something that's going to catch the viewers by surprise and make them scream 'til they puke. Though I don't think it'll be a good idea to release it in this country, since it's obviously going to be filled with blood and guts galore. Right now I'm just concentrating on basic comedy sketches, since it's one of the things I'm pretty good at (if I do say so meself).

Just wish my dad didn't feel the need to get back to his homeland. Nothing against this country, but now I feel like I don't have the necessary surroundings for my ideas. Thankful for one thing though; I would never have met her if we settled there for good.

She surprised me yet again today. Told me she wasn't coming over (which, of course, bummed me out). Later I recieved a call from a friend (Naved, with whom she was supposed to hang out with today) who asked me to open the front door. I think my brain died from happiness, since she came over with two of our closest friends (Naved and Turjo). We hung out, laughed and made fun of Turjo (as per usual), and went out for tea. Then they dropped me home and left. Am still as happy as can be. My love for this beautiful being holds no boundaries.

Since it's the 13th, I'm downloading the old A Nightmare On Elm Street movies which I loved as a kid. She obviously loves them as well since Johnny Depp is in the 3rd one. She's a HUGE fan of Johnny Depp, and not only for his "good looks". As am I (not for the "good looks" at all though lol) for he is an amazing actor and carries out his characters' images well. Damn internet speed kills me. Who the fuck can stand to download a movie with only 4kbps?? :/ It's usually at around 25-29kbps (which is still slow compared to other countries) but something's wrong with it today. Oh well, shouldn't complain when one has free internet. :P

Can't upload the video on youtube, since we used the old Scooby Doo theme song for one of the scenes. Breach of copyright laws or some shit like that. Oh well. Even I haven't seen it yet. Will watch it with her on her Facebook. I disabled mine for I think it's a complete waste of time.Plus it's way too addictive. Not that I had those little application thingys... I would just find myself sitting and browsing the site for no good reason... even after I was done replying to wall posts and posting notes and videos.

Well, I'll leave it here for now. I'm guessing this is my largest post to date. My back's killing me lol.

Miss you jaan. Thank you so damn much. Ataliboo.

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