Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Imagine... it's easy if you try...

Let me feel tonight once more
Let me feel it again
Soft and sweetly
Feel tonight to be sure
That we'll find a way
We'll find a way...


Well I guess it's been a while, but I've been a bit tied up with stuff. The stitches came off, but a few days later, a crater formed. Looked so disgusting and awesome that I still wonder why I got the stitch re-done. It hurts like hell now, and I can see blood collecting in the bandages even as I type. Very cool indeed lol :P

Life is going slightly downhill, for reasons known only to myself and the love of my life. I wish I knew how to show her just how much I care and how much she means to me. And I wish I could make her believe me when I say that I'll love her forever. Sheesh, I bet even you (the reader of this depressingly funny blog) don't believe me. But the fact still remains that I believe myself. For real. No joke. None intended.
I know there's a way, and I'll find it.

I'm back on Facebook, hilarious as it sounds. I just HAD to watch my little sketch. Plus I missed Leo, Liyah and the others. It might be just me, but for some reason, talking over the phone with someone you're so used to meeting in person and chatting with online is kinda uncomfortable. I dunno. Feels awkward to me.

Naved posted yet another hate-ridden note against religion and Zakir Naik a few days ago. I really don't understand some aspects of how this world really runs. "Morality" advises you to "fight fire with fire".......... seriously? Where's the logic in that? Which stupid, narrow-minded cocksucker came up with that saying? Oh sure, a burning building surrounded by firefighters pelting molotov cocktails and hand-grenades through the windows is a common scene we busybodies witness all the time!! I mean, come - the fuck- on! Why can't people see that instead of hating and fighting against war-mongers, we should just stand our ground and preach peace even if it kills us?? That way, we can at least prove a point. How does it make us any different from the filthy war-mongers themselves if we just fight back?? Even if it is in self-defense, we're just reacting exactly as they want us to react.

What the fuck are laws created for anyway? They should come to some form of use at least! There are always loopholes to be found in every man-made belief and system. I know I know... I'm just wasting my breath. But damn it all if I don't get my point through to at least one human being.

I do hate. At one point, I thought I could never hate. But I do, and denying it would make me a hypocrite. I hate religion, I hate politics, I detest pedophiles of all shapes and sizes, I hate wars, I hate famine, I hate world peace (since it doesn't exist), I hate the god(s) people believe in and I hate those who question my lack of faith. I have the right to not believe. I have free will of my own. Can I not want my life to be controlled by an imaginary, masochistic dictator? People don't get that. I don't question others' beliefs or opinions. I just nod along, respecting their views first, and then share my own. They don't see the respect afterwards though, and because of that I tend to keep a good-mile distance from that certain topic. Not because I'm scared of confrontations or bombings and such. I don't care about that shit. I mean no disrespect to those people, because just as I have rights to not believe, they have the rights to do as they please as well. It's only common sense, which I recently gained, by the way.

It's sad really... to see the world's populace be blinded by hatred. Hatred towards their own kind at that. Seriously, if aliens do exist, and if they wage war against us, Osama's gonna be drinking tea and chasing children, waiting for America to use up all their nukes and ammunition. And right when Will Smith walks into his house (picture the last scene from Independence Day) Osama strikes with a burning turban! D:

All this negativity... it really bums me out. I wish I could do something about it. I hope I get a chance to try.

I miss and love you. Can't sleep. Leg hurts when I turn in my sleep. I hope you're doing okay. You'd better keep your promise love. Damn I'm gonna worry if you go to class tomorrow. Sweet dreams babe. Ataliboo...

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