Monday, February 16, 2009

Seamless pretence

There's no sand in my eyes
I'm fine
All the pain inside
Reeks of my life
Don't need nothing more
Waste of time
And all the while I'm just
Letting go inside...

Caving in
Feelings burnt to charcoals within...


I wish I could travel. Heh... I gotta wait 3 more years for that. Fuck it for now then I guess... meh...

Pretty tired out. Had a long day. The song up there? *points up with an inquisitive look* Just something a friend (Munim) and I came up with a few weeks ago. Just wish I had someone who would critique me... since he can't figure it out... sao... lol. The guy's hilarious and fun to hang out with though. Says and does the randomest stuff. xD

Finally got to get outta the house!! Damn I missed the sky. Yeah, that may sound weird, but the sky's something I feel I could stare at for hours on end. I dunno... it just seems so damn peaceful up there. Guess I'll never know...

Miss you babe.

Deesh pho you ^^

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