Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Blink-182's back together!! Omfg!! :D Just hope they don't disappoint me like AVA's 2nd album did. Pure unadulterated shite compared to Plus-44 (though they sold out). Nonetheless, my favorite band since the 5th grade are back together and I'm fucking ecstatic! People call me gay for listening to 182... to them I say FREEDOM OF CHOICE MOTHER FUCKERS!! WOOT!!

3 more hours 'til Resident Evil - Degeneration. It's about time RE got animated, though I didn't mind the movies one bit. It's just that the games were scarier than the movies will ever be. Well, lets see what they did with this one. Which reminds me... I haven't yet finished watching the anime version of Dead Space. Hope I remember to dl it before my damn laptop breaks down.

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