Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Listen to the tales and romanticize...

Underneath the bridge
The tarp has sprung a leak

And the animals I've trapped
Have all become my pets

And I'm living off of grass
And drippings from the ceiling

It's okay to eat fish
'Cause they don't have any feelings

Something in the way
Mmm mmm
Something in the way, yeah
Mmm mmm


That song was going through my head for some reason. One of the darkest songs I've ever heard. The whole metaphorical concept of the song kills me. It's so easy to see how he compares animals and fish to his fans, who became his "pets" at that certain point of his life. Not too sure about the part where he's "underneath the bridge". Forums and sources talk about him running away from home and living under a bridge. Might signify that, but I feel there's something more to it. It has something to do with the chorus. As if his running away from home was holding him back. Something in the way... love it.

RE-Degeneration wasn't all that at all. The animation was awesome though, but the storyline kinda killed it. But what more can one expect from the same concept that's been stretched to the point where The Matrix seems like a short story? Jeez.

In any case, had a normal day. Nothing special, since she didn't come over. Hope I see her tomorrow.Friends came over today. Felt a bit better then. We talked and laughed and they actually made me believe I had cancer. I can be so fucking gullible sometimes.

I hate this... lying on my ass all day and doing nothing but eat, sleep, read, and drink. Damn I'm seriously hankering for some Chinese food right now. I've been dreaming of fried rice with beef (dripping with oyster sauce), pieces of fried chicken and chow mein flying around in small bowls and taunting me with their delicious fragrances... okay... I should stop now.

Oh yeah, I made a short comedy sketch with a couple of my friends before the whole operation took place. I'll post the link as soon as my friend uploads it on youtube. Kinda corny, but it was fun doing it. We created the scenes right off the top of our heads, right then and there. So yeah... hence the corniness lol.

Miss you babu.

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