Friday, January 23, 2009

Let go...

They say darkness is the absence of light. Black is not a color... since one cannot find the color in a rainbow. But it exists, nonetheless. It's lunchtime for the betrayed, broken, and torn... a "Let's take a break from happiness!" of sorts. It acts as a form of solitude for those who have faced way too much in life, though some of these people are well aware of others who have been through more. For some, it triggers their curiosity and gives them a feeling of mystery and suspense. While others just tremble at the slightest thought of being turned away from light. To them, a dark, warm cave means "filled with countless invisible, dirty hands waiting to tug at their hair!"


I wish I was blind sometimes, just as a blind person would sometimes wish to see. I'm curious as to what their perspectives are... do they just see darkness? Or do they see a myriad of colors dancing about? Mental note: have a conversation with a blind person, you dumb piece o' shit! The fuck you askin' questions on a fuckin' blog for? JEEZ!!

Never mind the mental notes... they tend to make sure their views are shown. Some of you might feel the same way, but hey... that's irony for ya.

I like darkness. I like black (and also think it's a color). I guess that just goes to show that I'm no different than most people, whereas I strive for difference and individuality. Hypocrisy? Maybe... but I'll just call it Indifference (lol).

In other news, today was special. Met the Becca, rode around in a ricky, ate, talked, laughed... and all the while I was drowning in those eyes... and I think I lost myself a couple of times when she smiled at me. Yes, yes, I know... smitten fucktard... but give a guy a break, will ya?

It's times like this when I stop and wonder at the amount of randomness I spew whenever I write a blog right off the top of my head. Sometimes it gets so fucking depressing when I re-read my past blogs that I go to the bathroom and pretend to fall through the *shitter into a pool of water. (Trainspotting)

Love you Fiona.

*The place where one sits down and drops heaving masses of brown, banana-shaped, stinky wastage (aka shit, potty, kaka, goo, etc). I just don't like calling it a "commode" or a "toilet"... if there's any other appropriate word for this device, please feel free to clean mine and let me know. :)

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