Thursday, January 8, 2009


Finally got myself to calm the fuck down. Read a book, ate something and found two people to follow.

I'm guessing that wasn't much of an introduction, so here's the deal. Donuts for all, if you just sit tight and call your doctor a coconut. Don't ask. In any case, If you wish to know more about me, then just click on my name. ("Salad" has no particular meaning or reference, by the way. Just something she calls me.)

In other news, I saw a rat being chased by a street dog today. Seriously. At least I think it was a rat, since I was leaning over the edge of the roof trying to see what all the commotion was about. 6 stories high, so I'm guessing it was either a rat or a weasel. Interesting indeed.

I wish Kurt Cobain was still alive. I would've shook his hand 'til it tore off and gone home happily with my keepsake. But seriously, that man was fucking brilliant. I was only a kid (and a conformist at that) when I heard Smells Like Teen Spirit. I was so into the music that I just had to listen to more. After a while, I soon realized that he was forced to go mainstream just to get some money. His lyrics in Nevermind show his utter distaste.

The mainstream propaganda is now at its highest peak in my country. The crowds only hoot and cheer at bands playing typical crowd-pleasers. The thing I hate most about the underground scene here is that most of the bands just like to cover other famous bands while trying their best to sound exactly like them! Creativity is slowly increasing though, but seriously, watching a rich, snobby kid going on stage play a flashy guitar too big for his own size without so much as moving an inch from where he started playing (let alone giving a stage performance) isn't really my cup of fruit juice. (I don't drink tea... much...)

I've been trying to come up with songs myself, but all I get are simple riffs that sound promising and some plucks that need rhythm. My cousin recently got married to this dude who plays amazing guitar, and I came up with a song to go with one of his riffs. Don't like it much, but it holds promise that I can come up with stuff if given something to work with. 'Cause without guitar/piano work, my songs just look like common poetry. That's enough typing for now. It's 3 am here and I think I'll go have a smoke and finish some chapters of The Hobbit. Yeah I finally got my hands on it. Also have a copy of The Children of H├║rin. Yes, Tolkien is and will always be my favorite author of all time. Stephen King's right after him.

Here, I'll leave you with the song I don't like much. Lemme know what you think. Critique me people... it's what I'm here for and what I really fucking need. Show me the way!!

Okay fine, here it is -_-''

Secret Shrouds

Here with you
Never been done
Never been gone
Bear with me
I'm never down

If I can't hide
I can't see

Heal this tomb
Frozen in time
All the way down,
You're feeling blue
All over again

If I can't hide
I can't see

She told me it sounded like Enya when I sang it to her... but I told her to shut up haha :P I guess you see why I don't like it that much. But who cares. I've got more. And I'm gonna come up with more... and more... and donuts... great... now I'm hungry AGAIN!!

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